It is well understood that to have a safe means of refuge for disabled persons in the event of a fire or emergency, is key to having a comprehensive Fire Safety Plan.

Any non – domestic building with more than one floor should provide a means of refuge for any person who cannot easily use fire escapes, lifts & stairs during an emergency. An effective two-way communication system should be in place for these refuge areas.

The KT5000 Wireless Refuge Communication System includes the following:

  • Full Duplex two-way speech and data communication between the Master Panel and Refuge Outstation
  • The Master Station is fully touch screen operational with voice communication via the telephone handset
  • Fully monitored and battery backed in line with the requirements of BS5839-9 (2011)
  • Master Panel can handle unlimited outstations without upgrade.
  • No wiring between outstations and master station
An EVC (emergency voice communication) or Disabled Refuge System allows for communication between persons in the designated refuge areas and the person who is manning the master panel, which would normally be located in reception or the sites security office.

The system also allows communication with disabled persons. It is a system that allows voice communication in either direction between a central control point and a number of other points throughout a building or building complex, particularly under the direction of management of firefighters.

The KT5000 Wireless Refuge Communicator is a secure system for managing emergency voice communications between disabled refuges and the master panel in line with the requirements of BS5839-9(2011).

Many new buildings have these systems “cabled in” as part of their infrastructure, but for older properties this can be an expensive proposition and near impossible on listed buildings or those where disruption is unacceptable.

A hard wired refuge system potentially requires hundreds of metres of expensive fire resistant cabling, plus the disruptive man-hours and potential ‘surprises’ in order to connect up the building safely.