KTP Long Range Wireless Pull Cord Alarm System

The KTP Long-Range Wireless Pull Cord Alarm system has been specifically designed to ensure that in an emergency situation when the pull cord is activated the alarm will be responded to promptly.

This is due to the fact that unlike smaller localised alarms, which have historically been fitted, the alarm is sent back to a main central point, i.e. reception area or manned security desk.

Purpose built, or existing disabled bedrooms and toilets are fitted with distress alarm pull cord switches.  Should a pull cord switch be activated, a radio signal will be sent to the receiver positioned in reception, or other designated areas.

The main benefits of a wireless pullcord system are:

  • An immediate “Long Range” Alarm that will be promptly responded to.
  • Suitable for disabled toilets, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Suitable for listed buildings where cabling is an issue.
  • Receiver highlights for staff which bedroom/toilet alarm has been activated.
  • Provides peace of mind and an extra level of protection for visitors with impairment.

The receiver will sound and a channel indicator will shine – the channel number relative to the disabled room or toilet is shown on the receiver-casing label – should more than one channel indicator shine – then more than one alarm has been activated. To cancel the alarm, a reset button must be pressed.