KTP’s Portable Assisted Hearing System is designed for use in conference, lecture or meeting room facilities, where people with hearing difficulties face real challenges understanding the speaker clearly due to surrounding background noises.

Our Multipack Assisted Hearing System comes with a combination of FM Microphone Transmitters (up to two per case) and Pendant Receivers depending on how many people need them (up to ten per case).  The units can be charged within the robust carrying case, thus eliminating the need for additional charger units.

The main benefits of a portable hearing loop include:

  • Fully portable which reduces the need for cabling, making it extremely cost effective and can be used in any room.
  • Addresses the needs of multiple hearing aid wearers in a meeting or lecture room environment.
  • Provides sound and clarity up to 50 metres.
  • FM Microphone/Transmitter features a unique patented technology that increases the available sound level.
  • Reduces unwanted background and peripheral noise.