The KTP Passenger Vehicle Induction Loop (PVIL) is a specially designed low power induction loop system to aid the hard of hearing.

Independent research has shown that the use of induction loop systems makes conversations with hearing aid wearers easier and more relaxed. As around 1 in 7 of your passengers or staff will have some form of hearing disability, our PVIL will assist Taxi’s, Buses & Coaches with their responsibilities under the Dubai Universal Design Code.

The main benefits and features include:

  • Reduces the need to repeat words
  • Advanced noise cancelling circuitry
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 24v operation using 12v regulator

The KTP PVIL is one of the few systems on the market designed to be self-installable, requiring no special skills or tools.

The savings that can be made through not requiring specially trained installation staff are considerable, making the KTP PVIL one of the most cost effective solutions for vehicle companies who want to make their vehicles more accessible for hearing impaired passengers. The Loop box (27cm x 27cm x 2.6cm) can be fitted either vertically or horizontally with a single wire connection to the cab microphone, audio line input and a small cable connected to the vehicle’s 12v DC switched power source. The “loop” cable is factory fitted within the loop box eliminating the need for separate and sometimes messy loop wire installation in headlinings, pillars etc and there are no installation adjustments required as each unit is set to its optimum performance levels during manufacturing and testing. The KTP PVIL is one of the lowest power consuming induction loops on the market, utilising “run cold” technology and consuming just 3.6 watts, excessive heat build-up is eliminated thus reducing any potential fire hazard associated with some vehicle electrical equipment.