KTP Microloop is our Market Leading Induction Loop System, which has been specifically designed to enable organisations to communicate better with their hearing impaired visitors. It is extremely easy to self install and has very low power consumption.

Fixed Hearing Induction Loops

Induction loop systems aid the hard of hearing, with independent research showing that the use of induction loop systems makes conversations with hearing aid wearers (whether customers or staff) easier and more relaxed. Read More

Portable Hearing Induction Loops

KTP’s Portable Assisted Hearing System is designed for use in conference, lecture or meeting room facilities, where people with hearing difficulties face real challenges understanding the speaker clearly due to surrounding background noises. Read More

Passenger Hearing Induction Loops

The KTP Passenger Vehicle Induction Loop (PVIL) is a specially designed low power induction loop system to aid the hard of hearing. Read More