KTP Microloop is our Market Leading Induction Loop System, which has been specifically designed to enable organisations to communicate better with their hearing impaired visitors.  It is extremely easy to self install and has very low power consumption, this is especially useful for organisations who have large estates with many locations that need provision.

Induction loop systems aid the hard of hearing, with independent research showing that the use of induction loop systems makes conversations with hearing aid wearers (whether customers or employees) easier and more relaxed. As around 1 in 7 of your customers or employees will have some form of hearing disability, it is now a requirement for all “service providers” to provide this facility under the Dubai Universal Design Code.

The main benefits a hearing induction loop include:

  • Clearer, more relaxed, less time consuming conversations
  • The ‘Privacy Area’ (dotted area) gives greater confidentiality
  • Conversations are unaffected by security screens
  • Reduces the need to repeat words
  • Advanced noise cancelling circuitry
  • Easy to self Install

The KTP Microloop uses advance noise cancelling circuitry to filter out low frequency background noise, thus enhancing speech clarity for the hearing aid user.

The KTP Microloop is a specially designed ‘small area’ induction loop for restricted transmission and privacy.  Typical areas of use are cashier points, reception areas, enquiry and customer service desks.  The hearing aid wearer within approximately 1 metre radius of the KTP Microloop System will hear what is being said clearly.  Outside that area, no other hearing aid wearer will be able to hear the conversation.

The KTP Microloop provides the hearing aid wearer with a better clarity of sound with reduced background noise so they will have a greater chance of understanding what is being said.

Our team of specialist installation engineers will design and install the system in the most discrete way and where possible all equipment will be hidden from sight.

They will fully test and demonstrate the system to the relevant people within the client’s premises. The system can be supplied with a variety of microphones including wireless and can be interfaced with existing sound systems.