FIRE SMS is a fire safety product that informs deaf or hard of hearing people when the fire alarm sounds in a public place like a supermarket, shopping centre, hotel and library.

It helps service providers and employers comply with the Equalities Act and importantly it allows deaf and hard of hearing people freedom to move around buildings without the worry of missing an emergency alarm.

Unlike pager systems, FIRE SMS allows deaf or hard of hearing people to use what they already have with them, a mobile phone.

Why Fire SMS is so great!
  • Easily installed with no fuss
  • Tests itself weekly to check everything is OK
  • Only one FIRE SMS is needed for each fire panel
  • Unlimited range, as long as you have signal you get a message
  • Socially responsible.
  • Tamper proof antenna
  • No pagers to issue or manage
  • Visitors can discreetly use the system without having to ask
  • Unlike similar SMS systems Fire SMS stores all data, phone numbers etc in the system memory

Easy to install with no fuss

The FIRE SMS unit can be installed in under an hour and when the fire alarm sounds, FIRE SMS sends a text message (SMS) to the mobile phone of connected users to let them know the fire alarm is sounding.

Simple to use and operate

The user becomes connected to FIRE SMS by texting their mobile number to the system’s number displayed at the entrance to the building; they will receive a confirmation OK:) text confirming that the user is now registered under that location and will be sent a text when the fire alarm sounds.